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Our artist has worked tirelessly in order to make sure that the Meta snake’s Collection lives up to the standard of other bigger projects. All of our 3333 Meta Snake NFT’s are 4K in resolution and also happen to be 3D. Our collection contains the first of its kind 3D art of snakes. Our goal while designing these NFT wasn’t only to create a passive income maker but was to deliver an extremely eye pleasing art to the NFT world Each NFT in our collection will be unique and make an Impact on in its own way

Meta Mutant Snake NFT airdrop

Our team has decided to give back to the community as our holders invest into our community and project wee plan to make sure that they are taken care of! These mutant snakes will be injected with a secret venom and thrown into the pit where they will fight to the death! (More to come soon stay tuned). This collection will be out of this world as it will be like nothing ever seen before ever in the NFT community.

Meta snakes club Museum, marketing, Collabs and DAO

If you are a holder of a meta snakes or a meta mutant snake we will make sure to give you the exclusiveness you need and want. We will be making sure that each holder is able to gain access to our museum where they can see all of 3333 NFT’s in the collection and also be able to see the meta Mutant snakes as well. You should be able to contact other holders and be able to trade or sell to each other. We also plan on having a marketing push where we will start doing collabs, drop some merch exclusively to holders. We will give the holders the power to decide, what to do next as we will be integrating a DAO into our project and with a strong community we should be able to achieve our goals together!


We also plan on giving back to the community with an ICO. we believe that together we should be able to create a beautiful community and make our token grow in value.

Metaverse Expansion

We also plan on creating a game for out holder and also plan on dropping Meta environment NTfs usable in the game and maybe even having more possible NFT drops! More to come soon!



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Frequently asked questions

To give everyone a chance of getting a unique Meta Snake NFT and avoid high gas prices we’ve decided to present our community with a ‘Whitelist’ style mint before the public sale. We plan to minting some time at the end of June and will go live for 1 day, followed by a public sale.

Meta Snake’s will be available for purchase on our website through an initial public sale. At the time of purchase, a Meta Snake will be minted on the Solana network and delivered to your wallet and OpenSea account.

To get whitelisted you must join the Meta Snake Club Discord community, share our Instagram & Twitter posts, comment, and stay very active in the Meta Snake Club. If you are lucky enough to get “Whitelisted” then you are promised a spot on the VIP minting however even if you are “Whitelisted” you must remain active in our community.

Supply: 3,333NFTs Mint Price:
Puplic-Sale : 1.5 SOL
Mint Date : 26 June

Anyone who pays the mint + Gas fee on mint date,will also have the Meta Mutant Snake. Since Meta Mutant Snake has not been released yet, it will not be available in your wallet addresses. When the Meta Mutant collection is launched, if you still have the Meta Snake you mint first, that is, if you are still a holder, a Mutant Snake transfer will be made to your address at no cost. Actually the answer to this question is whoever does not sell their Mint Meta Snake nft in the second phase will have the Mutant Snake that will be released in the second phase! (so for the price of one nft you will have 2 nft). The more mints you make (Each wallet will be limited to 3 mints), the more Mutant Snakes you will get.

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